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Entry #1

I'm Hungarian Lock

2008-06-29 20:05:23 by HungarianLock

Write a fukken comment.

anyways i'm new in The Lock Legion.


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2008-06-30 17:17:59

clocks/glocks/locks all just gay shit that use crappy flash teqnique and expect it to be saved by other users affiliated with their group.

HungarianLock responds:

Have you even checked the clock crew/ The Lock Legion collection system yet?
What the fuck do you know. you little piece of shit.

You haven't really made any fucking movies yourself. your just some immature boy who can't do shit himself. you are 15 years old. you made an account at ng even before i did. and you have probably not check any of these collections before.
I saw newgrounds for years ago. in 2007 i decided to registrer at newgrounds
now i'm a lock. and this is pretty much the first hate rewiew i get.

Kingofkool. if your so kool as you say. why are you talking about something you
don't really know a shit about?

You don't understand this system.


2008-06-30 17:22:28

ey why did stereoclock call u gay ?

HungarianLock responds:

Well i'm not really gay. but i made some gay jokes. to gross him out and it worked in the start. now he thinks i'm gay.

But his a good friend.


2008-06-30 17:25:01

Dont listen to him i love the Locks you rock!

(Updated ) HungarianLock responds:

Hope ur not a guy who faked his gender ( you choosed female ) some people do that.


" am of noble blood, i kneel to the king of the portal strawberry clock "

Damn miss/sir. you got some epic words right there. yes i am a Lock but i love SBC
really much. i love B. i would kneel to B.

Many Locks likes B and i am one of them.

Thank you for your rewiew.

p.s Don't worry i'm sure most locks will love you too. long like LL and CC.